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Iglesia Parroquial San Juan Bautista(Manises)

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The construction of the church began in 1734, and it was inaugurated in 1751. The old church was abandoned for worship and began to be demolished in 1817. Only the chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary, currently the Chapel of Sant Antoni, was preserved. It is neoclassical in style, with traces of Baroque, the floor plan is a Latin cross, with a single nave, with a large Byzantine-style dome over the transept and covered with metallic lustre on the outside, the main altarpiece is from 1951, in the Baroque style. It has the Communion Chapel dating from 1895, with a Greek cross floor plan, one of the largest in the Valencian Community, with an altar inside dedicated to Jesús del Gran Poder, a Passionist image made by the sculptor José Martínez Solaz in 1948, paid for by the married couple Jesús José Escobar Folgado-Adela Valls Gómez. It suffered great destruction in July 1936, so its appearance and images date from after the Civil War. It has a dome that is unique in the world, covered with golden reflective tiles. It also stands out for its extensive ceramic decoration in the style of the 18th century.

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