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Pueblo Abandonado de Loriguilla(Loriguilla)

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In the abandoned village of Loriguilla, the name also acquired by the reservoir that caused its abandonment, we can find two majestic buildings that once served as, on the one hand, the village church and, on the other hand, the other building was a school for the children of the old village. In the schools we can still see the terracotta tiles in which the different groups of drawings show us the different rooms into which they were divided. We can also see the stairs that led to the upper floor, which no longer exists. The church is adjacent to the schools. It is a beautiful construction with a vault that crowns the altar and a bell tower (of course without a bell). The interior still preserves the altar and its columns as well as the holy water font. All this can be seen from an uncomfortably small barred window in a door that prevents entry to the interior, keeping the church safe from further vandals and for the sake of our own safety.

Image of Pueblo Abandonado de Loriguilla