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Muralla Medieval (Llíria)

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Llíria preserves important remains of the medieval wall, especially noteworthy are those in the streets of Viriato and San Juan de Mata. It is a work made mainly of earthen rammed earth with towers reinforced with ashlars from the Roman period reused in its angles.

At the time of its construction it defended the Islamic medina of Lyria, later converted into a royal villa after the Christian conquest in the 13th century.

From the Christian period, it conserves a square watchtower, several battlements and a wall that were built on the base of the old Arab wall.

From the 17th century onwards, a process of demolition of part of the wall began and in other cases it became part of the dividing wall between ¨les calles de dalt i les de baix¨.

Image of Muralla Medieval