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Mesa Redonda (Llaurí)

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Llaurí, a small town in Ribera Baixa, in the province of Valencia, hides in its municipal area - specifically in the so-called Muntanya de Llaurí - a truly unique heritage jewel worthy of a visit.

We are talking about the Taula Redona de Llaurí, one of those magical and curious corners of the Canet ravine. Some say that this curious emblematic monument of Llaurí is actually a pagan altar with a vortex of 13,500 UB. Now you may be wondering, what is 13,500 UB? They are Bovis Units, a relative unit that depends on each person and what it measures is, in reality, the level of energy.

So that you understand: for the human being there are three vibrational levels: Physical Body, from 0 to 10.000 Bovis Units; Ethereal Body (aura), from 11.000 to 13.500 Bovis Units; and the Spiritual Level, from 13.000 to 19.500 Bovis Units, the one that corresponds to us on this occasion.

For all those who want to visit it, the route, which starts from the Aldea del Senyor or Poble Nou de Llaurí, is a round trip of less than 5 kilometres, where you only have to be careful at the last point, between the Casa de Canet and the Taula Redona. You can see the Wikiloc track at Ruta a la Taula Redona de Llaurí.

Image of Mesa Redonda