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Ermita del Cristo de la Fe(Llanera de Ranes)

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The hermitage presides over an esplanade to which ascends the zigzagging path of Calvary with its whitewashed stations topped with pyramidal roofs. It is a simple, whitewashed rectangular building, with a gabled roof and windows on the sides, chains of ashlars in corners and openings and a stone plinth. Three steps lead to the door, rectangular and planked, on whose lintel there is a tile altarpiece representing the burial of Jesus. Immediately above it is a round oculus and, above it, the triangular pediment is truncated by the belfry with a bell - cast in 1981 and baptized with the titular dedication -, cross and weathervane.

In the luminous interior the ceramic altarpieces abound with different sacred motifs, like the one that in the headwall serves as bottom to the enthroned image of the Christ of the Faith. On both sides there are access doors to the sacristy and storage rooms. Benches, various imagery, lithographs and other objects of worship complete the decoration.

The image of Christ, a valuable carving slightly smaller than life size, was removed along with its throne at the beginning of 2018 to be subjected to a process of sanitation and restoration, thanks to a grant awarded by the Diputació de València.

The Calvary of Llanera de Ranes is located on the outskirts of the town in its western part, leaving the town center along the street of the same name. In the shade of the traditional cypress trees, its stations are distributed along the slope of a nearby hill, culminating in the hermitage dedicated to the Santísimo Cristo de la Fe. A side asphalted road -which is sometimes closed with a gate- allows access by car.

Image of Ermita del Cristo de la Fe