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Ermita de San Roque(La Yesa)

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The hermitage of San Roque is a temple located in the municipality of La Yesa, at the entrance of the village on the road to Alpuente. It is an Asset of Local Relevance with identifier number 46.10.262-001.

The most characteristic element of the building is the front porch. At this point, the roof rests on wooden beams arranged forming a pair of trusses with pendolon,3 supported on four square pillars. These are supported by a parapet that closes the lower part of the complex and opens on its front face, allowing access.

On the façade is the rectangular door, whose lintel is the brace of the truss of beams that supports the gable. On both sides of the door there are windows with bars.

The interior walls are painted imitating ashlar masonry. There is a pulpit with an exterior staircase. The ceiling of the presbytery is formed by beams in fan. Under it is the altar and a polychrome altarpiece of neoclassical style with two empty niches. On the lateral walls there are very deteriorated remains of paintings in medallions.

Image of Ermita de San Roque