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Matadero Municipal(La Romana)

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It is an isolated building, consisting of a main body of greater height and topped by a rectangular structure that gives a certain importance to the whole, while providing light to the rooms inside. Attached to this construction on the left as one enters are two covered outbuildings used as a grooming room and veterinary services, and others without a roof that correspond to the courtyard.
In a widening area located behind the building, a cesspit was built, where the waste and wastewater generated as a result of the development of the activity was deposited.
On the main façade, where certain ornamental concessions have been allowed, which are non-existent in the rest of the building, part of it was plastered to frame the access door.
The only window we can see on the main façade is in the centre of the upper rectangular coping, and has a semicircular arch framed in wood.

The first reference to the slaughterhouse, which proves its existence, can be found in the Minutes Book of the Town Council of La Romana, corresponding to the year 1929. The Town Council announces a competition to fill the posts of: Inspector of Meat and Livestock Hygiene, Midwife and Pharmacist for the recognition of cattle. At the same time, the Mayor takes steps to construct a building to be used as a slaughterhouse.
The Municipal Slaughterhouse was inaugurated in May 1931. A percentage of the monthly amount collected for transporting the slaughtered cattle had to be paid into the municipal coffers.
All the cattle that were slaughtered in the Slaughterhouse had to be carried by the corresponding person in charge, and it was forbidden to sell both meat and offal inside the premises, and a series of fines were established for those who did not comply with this rule.
In 1991, the Consellería de Sanitat i Consum de la Generalitat Valenciana, on the basis of a report issued by the Veterinary Inspectorate, ordered the preventive suspension of the meat inspection and authorisation service carried out by the official Public Health veterinarian of La Romana. As of that date, the activity in that slaughterhouse will cease, and the Meat Tax Book of the Municipal Slaughterhouse will be interrupted.

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