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La Covatella(La Pobla de Vallbona)

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The aqueduct of La Covatella or La Covatella canal is an archaeological site, also known as the Eras del Barranquet. It rises between Benaguasil and Villamarchante and crosses the municipalities of La Pobla de Vallbona, L'Eliana, Paterna, Godella and concludes near Sagunto. It shows the existence, on the one hand, of an Iberian road, of which 60 metres in length have been preserved, where the pavements are clearly visible. This section would have formed part of a very important ancient road, according to archaeological finds, which linked Edeta-Llíria with the coast of the Gulf of Valencia. The road is cut by an 84-metre-long aqueduct made of limestone of uncertain chronology.

On the other side is the irrigation channel from the Andalusian period. Traditionally, it had been considered a Roman construction, but the detailed study of the element and the archaeological data that have been obtained have determined the chronological ascription to the Islamic period. The site is easy to visit due to its proximity to the València-Ademuz motorway and is connected to the town centre by a cycle and pedestrian path. It is included in the catalogue of Protected Assets and Spaces of the town as an Asset of Local Relevance.

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