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Casa Blanca(La Pobla de Vallbona)

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The Casa Blanca, or the ruins of the farmhouse that was once the Casa Blanca, is located 1600 metres north of the municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona. This house gets its name from the white lime with which the walls were covered. It was built by the monks of the Carthusian monastery of Porta Coeli, located in the mountains. The property occupied a plot of 2,760 m² and was always surrounded by a crenellated wall about three metres high.

The Casa Blanca was in the possession of the Carthusian monks until 1835, when the minister Mendizábal proposed the Decree of Disentailment of the monastic property. In its last period it passed into the hands of the National Institute of Colonisation, being abandoned before the 1960s and finally demolished in the mid-1980s, when it was already the joint property of the Community of Irrigators of the Well of the White House. The area is currently included in the Catalogue of Protected Assets and Spaces of the General Plan, as an archaeological site.

Image of Casa Blanca