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Campanario de la Virgen del Carmen(L'Eliana)

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The bells of l'Eliana tell the recent history of the town. At the time of its creation, the parish had two bells, a smaller one from 1663 and another from 1928. The second one was built at the expense of all the residents of the village of l'Eliana to commemorate their religiosity when D. José Mª Bahía was the coadjutor - 1929 - and was made by the Roses Brothers from Valencia.

In 1958 another bell was made to commemorate the creation of the municipality: "l'Eliana for its patron saint the Santo Cristo del Consuelo- 17/VIII/1958 - 1st centenary of the Virgin of Lourdes and the year of the municipal independence, with Francisco Escolano as parish priest". The bell was made by Roses, from Atzeneta d'Albaida.

In 1978 Manclús made a new bell which reads: "l'Eliana bell given by the town council to the parish of Mare de Déu del Carme - January 1978".

Finally, the manufacture of a new main bell has justified the restoration of the whole, carried out by the company Electrocamp from Albaida, which has replaced the wooden counterweights and motors that reproduce the traditional ringing, without preventing manual ringing. The four larger bells will be placed in the windows of the bell tower, and the smaller one will probably be placed in the centre of the room.

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