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Iglesia Parroquial de San Pedro (L'Alqueria de la Comtessa)

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In the center of the town center, is the parish church of San Pere Apostle: a church of great proportions, and built in the early twentieth century, replacing a previous one dating from the early nineteenth century. It is the work of the architect, mayor of this municipality, Vicente Sancho Fuster, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the rector José Ramón Soler Espí and donations from all the people of the Alquería de la Comarca.

In 1904, the first stone of the Presbytery was laid, and it was inaugurated on the occasion of the patron saint's festivities by the Archbishop of Valencia on June 26, 1909. Given the date of inauguration, the year 2009, our church will be 100 years old and at the latest, it was celebrated the year Paulí.

The building responds to the Valencian academic style of the late nineteenth century, with neoclassical reforms that delimit a flat growth plant, three naves with round arches and cantilevered roofs on pillars.

On the facade there is a large dome without lantern. The eclectic, neo-Byzantine details on the exterior and on the altarpieces give a great personality to this parish church, giving it a modernist appearance. Designed in wood, neoclassical style. All the days of Easter were held in Sant Pere Apostol, in the famous act of "The Meeting", which also made a traditional release of pigeons. The doors of the church, are the same as those of the old church, illuminated with the plans of the rice mills near the municipality.

Image of Iglesia Parroquial de San Pedro