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Torre de Gilet(Gilet)

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It presents square plant, of masonry of rodeno without devastating with reinforcements well carved in the corners, being able to distinguish three parts in its construction, that has an approximate height of twenty-five meters, distributed between a first floor and three floors, communicated by an interior helicoidal stairway.

It presents three differentiated bodies, with walls of different thicknesses as it narrows as it advances in height to offer greater stability to the construction as a whole.

The first body, or base, is shaped like a truncated pyramid and adapts to the natural slope. The second, 15 meters high and in the shape of a prism of 8 x 6 meters. It is the main block of the tower and it includes the three floors.

The third body was in a very deteriorated state before the rehabilitation, and in it there was a defensive gallery, being of greater width than the second block and being supported by 32 modules.

It is built with masonry with reinforcements in the corners of ashlars in the corners and irregular recercado in the hollows with lintels. Its interior has disappeared, although the remains are still visible, suggesting that it must have been used for agricultural work and as a stable for animals.

The tower was restored during the years 1992-93, and in its interior the original three-story structure was respected and the third block corresponding to the initial defensive gallery was covered, and since its restoration the building has housed the municipal library.

Image of Torre de Gilet