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Yacimiento Ibérico "Castillo El Torrejón"(Gátova)

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Torrejón Castle is also known as Torrejón Tower and is located in the town of Gátova, Valencia. In the Bronze Age, in the area known as Marmolé de Abajo, there was a settlement, of which today only remains remain, which could be the oldest known settlement in Gátova, on top of which another settlement from the Iberian period was later superimposed. The walls whose ruins can be seen in the castle of Torrejón also appear to be Iberian.

The construction is a rectangular Iberian tower that formed part of the defences of a settlement according to the archaeological remains found. Very little remains of the tower, only the foundations and part of the structure can be seen, which is practically hidden by the local vegetation.

Image of Yacimiento Ibérico "Castillo El Torrejón"