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Iglesia del Beato Andrés Hibernón(Gandia)

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The church of San Roque, also known as the Beato, is a Baroque church built in the 18th century, in the old Franciscan convent of Sant Roc or San Roque. It was founded by Carlos de Borja (5th Duke of Gandia and son of San Francisco de Borja).

The interior of this church is of a simple canonical Baroque style, with a single nave, barrel vault and side chapels connected by a cloistered gallery. The church changed its appearance over the centuries. From its beginnings to the present day, the neoclassical façade and the side chapel of the Beato were added. It contains one of the few baroque altarpieces preserved in Gandia.

It has a coat of arms of the Borgia family, an image of Blessed Andrés Hibernon and tiles painted with the figure of the same. Before the civil war, two large images decorated the large façade (at the top on both sides of the main entrance to the church). In their place there are now only two empty holes.

Image of Iglesia del Beato Andrés Hibernón