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Ermita de Santa Anna(Gandia)

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The hermitage of Santa Anna, dating back to the 14th century, is located on the top of the hills of the Santa Anna district, on the other side of the Beniopa river. It is accessed by a small path with a calvary.
Both the hermitage and its surroundings served as a refuge for lepers and plague patients many years ago.

The hermitage, which has a main nave with large doors and grilles, was built during the 14th century and enlarged in the mid-18th century, when it was transformed with Baroque and Neoclassical cladding and decoration, so common in the Valencian lands. It was built in honour of Santa Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary. A not very well known curiosity is that traditionally the patron saint of the city of Gandia was not San Francisco de Borja, but Santa Anna.
One of the most interesting pieces in the chapel is the original image of Santa Anna, a carving in white pine wood dating from the second half of the 14th century, in the popular Valencian Gothic style, which is kept in the building of the Pious Schools in Gandia.

In this hermitage and during Christmas Eve, a performance takes place of a liturgical drama of Gregorian chant called Cant de la, an ancient medieval chant that has recently been recovered.

Image of Ermita de Santa Anna