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Dunas de L´Auir(Gandia)

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The beach of l´Auir is one of the few unspoilt beaches on the Valencian coastline that preserves the dune system intact and is home to species of flora and fauna that are highly adapted to this environment of extreme salinity and erosion caused by the sea wind.

Dunes are accumulations of sand generated by the wind. The beach of l´Auir belongs to the so-called low coast beaches, where the formation of coastal strands is common due to the accumulation of large volumes of sand as a result of erosion and the contribution of sediments. The dunes advance inland and create sandy strands that can extend for several kilometres.

This dune system is divided into different parts, with the first line of embryonic dunes and behind them the mobile dunes, where herbaceous plants grow, especially grasses. The following dunes have woody plants. Next comes the salt marsh area where fresh water accumulates with a high salinity and where reeds grow. And finally, there is an area of typical Mediterranean woodland with pines and mastic trees.

Behind the dunes there is a narrow path that leads to some wooden walkways, we recommend getting on these walkways to be able to contemplate the extension of the dunes, which miraculously has been preserved in very good condition.

Image of Dunas de L´Auir