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Centro de Interpretación Parpalló-Borrell(Gandia)

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The Environmental Interpretation Centre of the Parpalló-Borrell Municipal Natural Park is a space for disseminating and helping to interpret the environmental aspects of this area. Specifically, the origins of its relief, the influence of water in shaping the landscape, its evolution since the Palaeolithic period, the flora and fauna that inhabit it, the protection against forest fires and the conservation of its biodiversity.

With the help of different educational resources such as explanatory maps, audiovisuals, models, showcases with fossils, archaeological replicas, etc., visitors can recognise the environmental, landscape and cultural values of this protected area, and better understand the main elements that have made it worthy of this protection. They can also get close to nature and get to know this forest ecosystem by following the hiking trails in the area.
The Parpalló Cave is also located in this enclave, whose findings make up an encyclopaedia of Mediterranean Palaeolithic Art. It is open to guided tours for schoolchildren, groups and individuals, with prior booking.

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