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Iglesia parroquial del casco antiguo de Gabarda(Gabarda)

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Gabarda is a small Valencian town located in the interior of the province. It is located in the Ribera Alta region; the river Júcar flows through this town. Its inhabitants live mainly from the irrigated agriculture of oranges and mandarins, and from their packaging and commercialisation. In 1982 the houses of Gavarda, which were located in a flat and low area, suffered the flood and the water affected many houses, so many neighbours moved to a nearby hill. For this reason, there are currently two Gavardas, the old centre and the new centre.

In the old centre, the parish church remains, a 19th century temple with the name of San Juan Bautista and San Antonio Abad. Ecclesiastically, it belongs to the archpriesthood 29, named after the saints Bernat, María and Gràcia, integrated in the Vicariate VI La Ribera, of the archdiocese of Valencia. Gabarda has its own patron saint, San Vicente Ferrer, an important Valencian Dominican who was an extraordinary preacher and whose memory is preserved in many towns.

The church has a bell tower in the centre of the façade. On top of the tower, there is a monumental image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a white sculpture, larger than life-size, representing Jesus Christ dressed in tunic and cloak, with his arms raised and his hands open and extended in such a way that from afar he is reminiscent of the cross, and with his heart in the centre of his chest, and quite visible; his head slightly tilted downwards, to establish the relationship that is produced between the person who contemplates him and feels the loving gaze of the Heart of Christ. And the locals say that the image conveys peace and confidence.

This church is located in the old part of the town. Some of the villagers were reluctant to abandon their houses and have rebuilt them. And in the centre of them, and also surrounded by the plots of the houses destroyed by the flood, the parish church stands, topped by the image of the Heart of Christ, reminding us that for all, both for those who went to the nearby hill, as for those who stayed in the old town, Jesus offers us his love and cares for us.

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