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La Ermita de la Virgen de las Candelas(Fuenterrobles)

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The Virgen de las Candelas Chapel is located on the outskirts of Fuenterrobles, in the direction of the Calvario, which is accessed from the street of the same name, in an open area and next to other small agricultural buildings.
Its appearance, both inside and out, is similar to the neighbouring Hermitage of San Cristóbal, in Camporrobles, although this one in Fuenterrobles is semi-abandoned and without worship. Nevertheless, its exterior appearance is good, undoubtedly the result of some kind of maintenance.
It is a simple whitewashed building with a gable roof, a straight façade with baroque acroterio and ornaments on the corners, and a belfry without a bell. The door is linteled, and next to it there are stone benches attached to the façade. Its only ornamentation is a grey painted plinth.
The interior is rectangular and small, illuminated by two windows. The small image of the Virgen de las Candelas, or Candelaria, patron saint of the town, is venerated in a glazed niche in the simple Baroque altarpiece.
The feast of the Virgin is celebrated on Candlemas Day, 2 February, with the blessing of the candles and the Procession of the Torta, a circular sweet as an offering to the Virgin. On Good Friday there is a Via Crucis to the neighbouring Calvario.

Image of La Ermita de la Virgen de las Candelas