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Ermita de San Sebastián(Fuente la Higuera)

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The Hermitage of San Sebastian is located on the outskirts of the town of La Font de la Figuera in its northern part, on Nou d'Octubre Avenue, a street that extends to the N-344 that leads shortly after to the A-35 Almansa-Xàtiva highway. Located in the vicinity of the municipal sports center, its location is spoiled by the existence in the vicinity of an industrial area with large metal silos.

Founded to serve as a chapel for the hospital for the sick, its first documentary reference dates back to 1556, although it undoubtedly existed long before, making it one of the oldest buildings in the municipality and the primitive church of the town. Its current layout, however, is due to a profound remodeling carried out in 1561 by the master builder Vicente Jiménez, as evidenced by an inscription on its walls.

It is a free-standing building with high plastered walls, a gabled tile roof and side windows under the eaves. It has attached to the chancel a quadrangular body of lesser height that corresponds to the chapel added in the mid-nineteenth century and current presbytery, with circular drum on which stands its most striking and controversial element: the modern dome of iron and glass designed by the architect Francisco Jurado for the recent rehabilitation of the temple.

Image of Ermita de San Sebastián