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Retablo cerámica(Fortaleny)

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(From top to bottom and left to right) VIRGIN OF CARMEN. Standing, with Infant Jesus on left arm, draped crown, on small cloud; both offer scapulars SAINT MIGUEL ARCHANGEL.

As Roman warrior, helmet shield feathered helmet, with spear-cross, nailing it to the greenish and winged dragon that at his feet emerges from the flames SAN VICENTE FERRER. As Dominican habit, standing, book closed in the left, pointing to the sky with the right index finger, at his feet mitres and capelos, in the marine horizon the ships that allude to the miracle of the wheat of Barcelona SAINTS ABDON AND SENÉN.

Standing, dressed in Roman style with large cloaks, crowned as princes, with ears of corn and bunch of grapes respectively SAINT ANTHONY ABBEY. In monastic habit, large scapular and cloak, with open book in right hand and black pig behind him CHRIST ON THE CROSS. Between draperies The borders have, each piece, yellow and orange fillet.

The one of St. Anthony lacks border Made with polychrome glazed ceramic painting on a plain stamniferous background It has inscriptions (St. Vincent in phylactery): "TIMETE DEUM ET DATE..."; (Christ): "So. CHRISTO DEL CONSUELO".

The altarpiece has a vertical rectangular format, whose dimensions are 0.61 x 0.41 m It has a total of 6 pieces; the dimensions of each individual piece is 20.5 x 20.5 m The fornication has a very shallow niche with marble veneer It is made of brick covered with gray veined marble It has a rectangular format and the same dimensions as the panel.

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