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Parc de la Muralla(Font d'en Carròs)

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The walled enclosure of the Font d’En Carròs -El Rafalí- has been declared an Asset of Cultural and Architectural Interest, with the category of Monument. It is located in the old town of Font d'en Carròs called "el Rafalí" The fortified complex of Portal Roig and Rafalí forms a kind of spur or fort, which allows the reinforcement of the east and southeast front of the probable fence that surrounded the built-up area of ​​the Font d'en Carròs site. it must be interpreted as the result of the need to create a kind of fort, with a polygonal enclosure equipped with towers and flanks in the shape of a saw for defense that, from the east, gather to the gates of this singular llo, the control and surveillance of the two paths of honor of the Rebollet. The fortification system of the Portal Roig and the Rafalí of the Font d’en Carròs, by the factory and by the elements of
fortification, it must be dated to the second quarter of the 16th century. The site currently has two restored 16th century fences, a small 14th century bastion. Within the large interior space, on the one hand, an open space has been created for cultural and public events; on the other, a botanical garden of the first of the region, taking advantage of the cultivated lands that were inside the enclosure.

Image of Parc de la Muralla