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El Ouet y Ratlla(Favara)

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Climb two of the peaks that delimit the valley of the Casella and the wide coastal plain Levantina where the towns of Favara, Llauri, Corbera, Cullera and Sueca among others are located.
The peak of 529mts where the Ouet is located, old observatory-refuge and the Ratllá of 625mts are the maximum heights of the excursion.

The ascent to these two peaks is made from the vicinity of the town of Favara and even being two low heights, there are quite steep slopes and the best, exceptional views of the valley of La Casella and the Gulf of Valencia, even in clear weather you can see part of the Balearic Islands.

On the way to the Ouet we visit the Galera cave with a large entrance cavity and beautiful formations.
The descent is made through the Infierno ravine, with its abrupt orography and thick vegetation. The route of the PR304 is used with its various branches except for a short section at the end of the route.

It is recommended to avoid the days of greater solar incidence and not to wear shorts if you do not want to suffer scratches in the legs because it is traveled by narrow open paths through scrub vegetation, dominated by gorse and kermes oak.
It is also important to carry enough water for the whole route, since you will not pass by any fountain.

Image of El Ouet y Ratlla