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Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel(Enguera)

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The building is of late Renaissance style and consists of a wide nave of 40 m. long by thirteen wide, with twelve side chapels between interior buttresses, which support the colossal barrel vault and ribs, reinforced with arches, decorated with tempera. These are supported by columns decorated with stucco. The fourteen semicircular arches that connect the lateral chapels with the main nave rest on them. The total space is distributed in six bays, from the feet to the chancel, which is polygonal, and is covered with a radiused ribbed vault. At the foot of the nave and over the atrium of the main door, the choir is installed.

The church is accessed through three doors:

The Major, located at the foot of the nave, is flanked by two pairs of Tuscan columns on which the architrave rests. The whole is crowned by an architraved cornice in the middle third and two lateral slopes, all crowned by truncated pinnacles and spherical balls.

The door of the Hospital corresponds to the side of the gospel that was the door of the primitive temple, absorbed by the present one. It receives this name for being located in front of the disappeared Hospital de Remedio. The doorway opens under a semicircular arch framed by pilasters that support the lintel, cornice and a niche.

The Moreras door, on the epistle side, has the same characteristics as the Hospital. The stairs to access the door preserve a stone railing that is still the original one and that has the same characteristics as the one that was in the Main door.

The bell tower has a square floor plan, six meters on each side, built in ashlar and consists of three sections and a top, with a total height of fifty meters.

The main altar, the sculpture of San Miguel Arcángel and the sculpture of Nuestra Señora de la Virgen de Fátima, patron saint of the town, were made by the Valencian sculptor and image maker José Justo Villalba, author of numerous religious works in towns of the Valencian Community.

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