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Real Monasterio del Puig(El Puig)

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In 1237, Saint Peter Nolasco, founder of the Order of La Merced, discovered the image of Saint Mary on the top of the hill, under a bell. In 1238, by order of James I, the church of Santa Maria was erected and in 1300, Admiral Roger de Lauria began the construction of the majestic monastery.
It is a Renaissance religious building with four towers as defensive elements. The use of the monastery has varied over time, and it has been used as a temple, prison and school. Nowadays, part of the building is still the residence of the Mercedarian order and the rest of the rooms are the venue for cultural and social events organised by the Generalitat Valenciana.
The stained glass windows bear Valencian heraldic coats of arms. The building goes from the transitional style of the temple's façade and the Gothic structure of the church to the sobriety of the military Renaissance style of its courtyard.
Within its walls you can visit the Royal Hall and its rooms, for the exclusive use of Spanish monarchs on their visits to Valencia, the Gothic Hall of James I, where you can admire a reproduction of the king's sword and a facsimile section with reproductions of the Chronicles of King James I, and the Ceramics Hall with numerous pieces of Roman and Iberian pottery.

Image of Real Monasterio del Puig