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Parroquia de San Pere(Daimús)

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Parish belonging to the XIX century. The parish church has a coat of arms, located at the top of the main facade of the church. It has three windows with a semicircular arch, located on the same level and the middle one is larger than the others. It is built with tile and has several strips of the same material. On the sides of the ridge there are some steps. The finish has a mixtilinear form with pinnacles at the corners and a central flat area that served as a base for a structure for time bells.
The time bells were connected to the clock machinery through several transmissions. Until 2015 the state of conservation of the complex was very precarious. The three liturgical bells were installed with iron bristles and were mechanized with continuous flight motor. Some bells were rigidly fixed and posed a serious danger of falling in case of breakage. Currently the condition of the bells is good and they are located in the church shield. There are 3 bells that form the set of parish bells.

Image of Parroquia de San Pere