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Laguna del Estany(Cullera)

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If there is a must-see place in Cullera, given its beauty and spectacular nature, as well as being a precious space for a walk, cycling or disconnecting from everything, this is one of the favorite corners of photography amateurs and professionals. even for fans of angling: the Laguna del Estany. In this area you will find the viewpoint of Lake L'Estany, which will offer you incredible views. Known locally as "L’estany", it is actually the set of: a beautiful path that runs along the bank of the Xúquer (Júcar), full of a great biological diversity of plant and animal species; a transitional lagoon between the marsh and the coast, open to the sea and brackish waters (a mixture of fresh, river, and salty, sea water), located south of the mouth of the Júcar; a viewpoint to observe the lake located on the Nazaret-Oliva road, towards Tavernes (entrance to l’Estudiant); and various piers where you can see moored, if not in use, the typical boats that can also be seen at the Albufera viewpoint.

Image of Laguna del Estany