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Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Ana(Cuartell)

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At present the Parish Church of Santa Ana de Quartell presents a typical decoration of the late Valencian Baroque. It follows the scheme of a large central nave, covered by a barrel vault, its arches start from pilasters, which serve to separate the chapels are covered with a groin vault. We find three chapels on each side, Sacred Heart, San Miguel and Dolorosa, right side and Christ, Virgin of the Rosary and Purísima, left side.

The mural paintings that decorate the lunettes of the vault of the central nave date from 1952, whose author is Remigio Soler.

The decoration of the lateral naves, which broadly follows the same decorative patterns as the central nave, should be dated to the end of the 20th century.

All follow the same decorative scheme; presided over by an altarpiece, decorated with polychrome and gilded, its central niche houses the image of the dedication of the chapel, flanked by columns, simple or paired.

This central body is topped by the allegory allusive to the invocation. Its lower body follows the same decorative guideline.

At the beginning of the 90's, the last intervention in the church took place. A new transept and presbytery were built in the place of the previous one, following in this case the style of the rest of the church. Currently the new area is plastered and with the volumetric decorations in white made in conjunction with the architectural intervention, thus presenting a state prior to the pictorial decoration.

Image of Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Ana