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La iglesia San Miguel Arcángel (Cuart de les Valls)

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It is a church with a single nave with a straight chancel and side chapels located between the buttresses and where the nave is covered with a barrel vault with lunettes in which the windows are located.

The bell tower is attached to the main façade and consists of three sections, with the staircase leading to the choir in the lower section. The first section is built with masonry and ashlars at the corners, while the bell tower and the top are made of brick.

It dates from the 18th century (approximately 1771) and was renovated after 1936 (the altar), in 1940 (the communion chapel) and in 1994 (the roof and the electrical installation) and the floor of the whole church has also been paved with marble tiles, gradually recovering part of its former splendour. Some elements of movable artistic heritage are still preserved, such as a monstrance, a chalice and a parish cross.

It also conserves original fresco paintings on the four pendentives of the dome, with scenes from the life of San Peregrín Lazioso, Patron Saint of the Servites, which were quite deteriorated due to humidity. At the end of 2004, a careful restoration was carried out, which restored their colour and luminosity.

It is a single-storey basilica building, distributed as follows: a central nave with a half-barrel vault and two side naves of lesser height, a sacristy (in the shape of an "L" on the side and behind the altar), presbytery and side chapel. Over the presbytery there is a half-orange dome on four pendentives.

At the foot of the nave there is a choir that deserves special attention. It conserves its primitive walnut seats with inlaid wood, restored at the end of the 20th century, which gave them back their sumptuousness. From the staircase leading to the choir we can see a pair of stained glass windows, which show a motif of the symbol of the Servites and San Peregrín, in memory of the origin of the temple.

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