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Escudo de los Blanes de Palafox(Cotes)

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Juan Francisco Doris de Palafox Rebolledo and Blanes
Doris de Palafox Rebolledo y Blanes, Juan Francisco. Marquis of Ariza (III). Ariza (Zaragoza), c. 1613 - Madrid, c. 1677. Aragonese nobleman, steward of King Philip IV and advisor to the Supreme Council of the Crown of Aragon.

He was the son of Jaime de Palafox Rebolledo y Proxita de Perellós, II Marquis of Ariza, and Ana Doris Palafox Rebolledo de Blanes, his niece, as the daughter of his brother Juan, Lord of Cotes, and Violante de Borja y Blanes. The father of Juan Francisdo Doris de Palafox was destined to the ecclesiastical career, but when his brother Francisco died, the heir, without children, the succession was derived to him. Juan Francisco was the eldest son of the mentioned marriage, of which were born, in addition, Lucrecia and Violante Doris de Palafox Rebolledo y Blanes.

His half-brother Juan de Palafox y Mendoza was important in his life, destined to a brilliant ecclesiastical and political career and known as bishop of Puebla de los Angeles and later of El Burgo de Osma; according to some biographies, son of the second marriage of the marquis, with Mariana or Maria de Cardona, of the house of the marquises of Guadalest. It seems more reliable and safe the thesis clearly exposed by the great specialist in this family, Plou Gascón, who makes the distinguished bishop a natural son of Jaime, fruit of his relationship with Ana de Casanate y Espés, born in Tarazona in 1570 and daughter of doctor Francisco de Casanate.

Juan was tutor of his half-brother Juan Francisco, during the younger age of the latter, who received from his father the recommendation to always respect and follow the example of the venerable bishop, to whom he was very close. Juan Francisco, III Marquis of Ariza, acceded to the entailed estate when he was a minor, so he had several tutors, besides the aforementioned Juan. In that condition, being a boy of about thirteen years old, he arrived at the Court in 1626 to serve as a boy to Queen Isabel. Later he was named bracero of the Empress Maria Ana of Austria, sister of the King, position that he served in Vienna, Flanders and France, together with his brother, Juan, chaplain and major almsman. He was a knight of the Order of Santiago. His wife was Maria Felipa de Cardona y Ligne, born in Brussels, daughter of Felipe de Cardona, Marquis of Guadalest and of Ana de Ligne, granddaughter of the prince of Lamoral de Ligne.

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