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Puerto de Catarroja(Catarroja)

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Ancient Roman port, in the past the Port of Catarroja represented a strategic point of connection for navigation between the different towns of the Albufera (Valencia). It is located in the southwest of Catarroja, a city in the Valencian Community, at the end of the Rambleta canal and near the municipality of Albal. The pier is one of the most beautiful and photographed corners of this place. It has moorings and acts as the axis of the port from which you can enjoy the best view of the marsh. Visitors come to it before or after eating in the nearby restaurants where they enjoyed the local cuisine. From the pier, it is possible to do a pleasant excursion on the typical Albufera boat. This port is one of the main accesses to the Albufera Natural Park. It is recommended to visit this charming place in November to admire its rice fields and the varied flora and fauna that populate it.

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