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Casa de Palacio de Vivanco(Catarroja)

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The Vivanco House is also known as the Vivanco Palace (Palau Vivanco) and is located in the centre of the municipality of Catarroja (Valencia), specifically on the Camino Real. This building was constructed in the 18th century and belongs to the neoclassical style with late baroque ornamental elements. Its original use was the commercialisation of agricultural and silk products. It is an exponent of the commercial bourgeoisie strongly influenced by noble customs, for example, it has a family coat of arms belonging to one of the owners in the 19th century.

It has a quadrangular floor plan, with a central courtyard, four bays parallel to the façade and an interior with several staircases that give access to the different floors. The façade is neoclassical in style and is divided vertically into three sections with total symmetry. The two extreme sections have smaller rectangular openings and are separated from the central section by chains that connect the main floor with the upper floor. The central section has three bays per floor. In the central part of the ground floor is the lintelled doorway, above which is a coat of arms. Flanking the main door are two others, also lintelled but smaller.

On the main floor there are rectangular windows with continuous balconies, with the central one being the most important. On the upper floor, which is narrower, there are smaller rectangular windows with horizontal balconies.

Its current use is public, as it is the headquarters of the Town Hall and one of its rooms is an exhibition hall.

Image of Casa de Palacio de Vivanco