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Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol(Catadau)

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The primitive temple was built on the site of a mosque, later in 1730 another one was built, destroyed in 1936 in which the images were burnt in the square, and the current one was built later with a new floor plan.

In 18th century neoclassical style. With a structure that follows the Valencian Gothic tradition of a church with a single nave, chapels between buttresses and a choir loft at the base, it is covered with a barrel vault decorated with lintels at a later date. All the works of art housed inside belong to the 19th century, including those by the sculptor Enric Galarza. The parish church also conserves a monstrance from 1700, one of the so-called "sun" monstrances, gilded by hand, as well as a valuable 18th century cloak, embroidered with coloured silks, in the Baroque style. Also noteworthy is the ceramic floor, which in a large part of the church is of modernist origin.

On the outside, it is worth mentioning the main façade, with an essential classical layout, where an image of Saint Peter can be seen, flanked by two columns. The tower, with a square base, has two sections with angular pyramids, balls and a belfry with a small bell tower at the end.

Image of Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol