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The castle in the municipality of Castielfabib in the region of Rincón de Ademuz, Valencia, was built in the Islamic period, although it is known to be an enclave steeped in history, as earlier remains have been found in archaeological excavations. It presides over this town, giving it an unmistakable silhouette crowning the hill on which the municipality is located. Castielfabib has almost completely integrated its walled enclosure into its urban fabric, and even the parish church is practically merged with the castle.
Within the framework of the Reconquest, the Castle of Castielfabib was first conquered by Pedro II of Aragon, although it returned to Muslim hands and had to be recovered by James I, who ceded it first to the Order of the Temple and then to the Order of Montesa.
It is a monument that has unfortunately been the scene of many wars, such as the War of Independence, the Carlist Wars and the Civil War, which have claimed part of its structure and physiognomy, the most recognisable part of which is currently the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower).
Given its architectural and cultural interest, the castle and walls of Castielfabib are a protected area, listed as an Asset of Cultural Interest on 24 January 2008.
The best place to contemplate the castle and church-fortress as a whole is from "La Torreta", a watchtower and lookout point that enclosed the medieval town from the west.

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