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Ruinas Ermita de Santa Anna(Castellonet de la Conquesta)

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It also appears cited as Ermita de la Santa Fe, probably because the town was formerly known as Castellonet de Santafé, by the title of the marquisate that held the lordship over the territory.
It seems that it was built over an old mosque that was part of an Islamic farmhouse that was located here. In ruins for a long time, today only part of its perimeter walls are preserved.

Founded on the rocks of the peak where it is located and with the appearance of an abandoned fortress, its walls are made of masonry with traces of bricks in some of its openings. Only some of the perimeter walls are preserved and the roof has been completely lost. In the interior, invaded by weeds and debris, there is no trace of its decorative elements.

In spite of this state of ruin and abandonment, the ease of access makes its visit recommendable since its surroundings are very pleasant and the whole is evocative and attractive.

Image of Ruinas Ermita de Santa Anna