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Iglesia del Salvador(Casas Bajas)

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The parish church of Casas Bajas is a free-standing building, located in the centre of the town, at the base of the triangle formed by the main square of the town, which points north. On the outside, it is a beautifully proportioned building with straight lines, in the Neoclassical style typical of the period in which it was built.
Oriented east-west, it has a rectangular floor plan in the shape of a Latin cross with a transept at the chancel, masonry construction with faced stone, a gabled roof in the nave and a multi-slope roof in the transept. The main and only door of the church opens onto the small square of the Blasco Aguilar canons and has a large acroterium, with the bell tower at the foot, on the epistle side.
It has a wide central nave with side chapels with semicircular arches and a high choir at the foot, over the interior atrium. Beyond the transept is the grandiose new altarpiece, which is in the Neoclassical style, although richly decorated with gold and tinsel: construction work on the altarpiece began on 18 April 2005 and was completed on 30 June of the same year. The budget for the work was €50,140.97, plus maintenance and accommodation for the technicians. The decorative process involved the use of various techniques: mixed gilding, "mordant" gilding, "water" gilding, after preparation of the surface. Fine Italian 22-carat gold was used for the gilding (6,250 leaves, 8x3 cm). The polychromy consisted of "the alternation of different well-faked marbles, alabaster, "alicante red" and "verde antico" made from glazes and veins.

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