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Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad(Casas Altas)

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The building has a unique structure due to the different phases of its construction. The façade corresponds to that of the old hermitage. It is built in masonry reinforced with ashlars, and the entrance door opens onto it. This doorway is located in a doorway composed of two irregular ashlar jambs and a semicircular arch. Above the door there is a rectangular window and the pediment is crowned by a belfry with two spans that house two bells. The belfry ends in a gabled roof. A stone block on this belfry bears the date 1615, as well as the cross of the bishopric of Segorbe, to which the hermitage and later the parish church belonged until 11 July 1960, when it became dependent on Valencia.
Behind the façade is the body corresponding to the old hermitage. It is covered by a gabled roof. Its interior follows the model of medieval churches, with a single nave with a wooden gabled roof, supported by diaphragmatic arches and with the choir at the foot.
The two-level bell tower, covered by an octagonal glazed tile roof, is located on the left side. The second section contains the semicircular openings for the bells. It was built at the end of the 19th century and is attached to the chancel on the Gospel side. It communicates with the church through an intermediate enclosure that serves as a sacristy.

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