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Iglesia de San Bartolomé(Carcaixent)

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In the village of Cogullada you can find this church dedicated to San Bartolomé. The date of its foundation is unknown, but already in the "Llibre de Repartiment" it is named as a place. It grew throughout the 16th century due to the depopulation of Ternils. Cogullada was incorporated into Carcaixent by privilege on July 17, 1589. The foundation of the church, according to different indications, would be at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century. On the one hand, one of the bells bears the date 1518, in 1539 the image of the Virgin of Health was moved to the church, in 1547 a vicar was sent and finally in 1595 the priest of Ternils took up residence in Cogullada. Therefore the church must have been consolidated in the 16th century.
Of the primitive structure there are few remains, only in the area of the presbytery and the sacristy. The rest of the church is more recent, from the XVII century, when reforms were made by enlarging the nave and building the side chapels. In the 19th century, in 1854, the dome of the Virgen de la Salud chapel was built. In 1873, reforms were carried out on the façade, roof and vault, as well as the height of the bell tower.
It is a church with a Latin cross plan, with a central nave and side chapels. The nave is covered with a barrel vault with lunettes in which windows are opened. The chapels are covered with vaults, with the exception of the chapel of the Christ of Health located on the side of the epistle (the one on the right) with a dome on pendentives. The exterior has a gabled roof. The façade is of great dimensions, in which the two-body doorway, made of stone, stands out. The lower one is linteled and flanked by grooved Doric pilasters. In the upper part there is a niche with the image of San Bartolomé, flanked by curved volutes and pyramids at the ends. The cover is finished off with a split triangular pediment. To the right of the façade, and attached to it, is the bell tower that reaches a height of 17 meters and has a square floor plan. At the top, over the body of bells, there is a parapet finished off with balls at the corners. Crowning the tower is a small temple with semicircular arches on each of its four sides covered by a four-sided roof.
In the parish church of San Bartolomé de Cogullada many of the objects of worship from the old temple of Ternils are still preserved, which were taken there when it was abandoned.

Nowadays, it is part of the local patrimony declared of Cultural Interest since 17/06/1981 .

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