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Iglesia Parroquial de San Antonio Abad(Canals)

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The San Antonio gateway was in the Plaza de la Cárcel, approximately between the end of Calle de la Santísima Trinidad and Calle de Curtidores. The Ranes or San Antonio irrigation channel passed in front of the gateway, which was bridged by a small bridge, as in the case of the El Salvador gateway at the end of Goleró and that of San Roque and San Sebastián, near La Lloca. From the San Antonio gateway, the path led along the bank of the river until it reached the old Castilla road.

The wall of the San Antonio gateway contained a chapel dedicated to the patron saint of the town above the entrance arch and was supported by the tester of the old parish church. It had the orientation that we usually find in medieval churches: the sun rose through the head where the main altar was and died at the foot of the building. The same is found in the church of La Torreta. The dimensions of the old church were small. The exterior had a size of 20 x 10 = 200 m2, and had a very low roof and eaves, the latter being only four metres high. It was a Gothic church of the 13th or 14th century. Stone arcades supported the roof and the side chapels or altars were housed between the buttresses. In the 16th century there were six altars in addition to the main altar.

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