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Museo del Aceite(Cañada)

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Located in the town of Cañada (Alicante province), we produce Extra Virgin and Organic Extra Virgin olive oil from olives harvested in the olive-growing valleys of the upper Vinalopó, near the Mediterranean in fields surrounded by almond trees, vineyards and fruit trees, which is why our products are 100% 'Made in Spain'. 

The origins of the Almazara date back to 1965, and currently has around 370 members, who cultivate more than 1,500 hectares of olive groves, with the Rojal de Cañada and Picual varieties being the predominant ones due to their adaptation to our climate and soil.
The olive groves, many of them centuries old, interspersed with vineyards, almond and fruit trees, make up a characteristic landscape of high biodiversity value and which continues to be the basis of the economy of many families.

Since the 2003/2004 campaign, the Almazara San Cristóbal has been producing extra virgin olive oil from organically grown olives, becoming one of the first cooperatives in the province of Alicante to obtain the seal of the Organic Agriculture Committee, and is currently one of the main producers of organic olive oil in the Valencian Community.

The San Cristóbal de Cañada Cooperative has a shop-museum called "La casa del aceite" (The house of olive oil) which is dedicated to the dissemination and popularisation of the production of olive oil in the municipality. To this end, the museum has models, explanatory panels on the history of this type of oil, as well as educational material aimed at children and young people, and video projections. The museum-shop also offers group visits and practical workshops.

La Casa del Aceite is the museum shop of the Almazara San Cristóbal de Cañada olive oil mill, and its aim is to disseminate the culture of olive oil and raise awareness of the oils produced there.

In the museum of La Casa del Aceite, through models and explanatory panels, it shows the history of olive oil, the uses of the olive tree through time, what are the quality parameters, how the olive grove is cultivated, etc.

La Casa del Aceite has elements of a traditional oil mill (stone mill, press and decanting basins), different utensils related to the olive tree and oil, models of old oil mills with their corresponding explanations and informative panels with information on health, types of oil, Mediterranean diet, oil production process, among others.

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