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La Tomatina(Buñol)

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This beautiful story began on the last Wednesday of August 1945, when some young people spent time in the Plaza del Pueblo to witness the parade of the giants and big-heads. The boys decided to make a hole in the ride, and with its momentum caused a participant to fall. This participant, filled with anger, began to hit everything that was in his way. By a whim of fate, in the middle of it all was a vegetable stand which was used by the angry crowd to release adrenaline: those present began throwing tomatoes until the public enforcers put an end to this strange fight. The following year, the young people deliberately repeated the altercation, even taking tomatoes from their homes. Far from accepting this event as a custom, the police prohibited it from being repeated in order to prevent it from taking root as a tradition. The Tomatina was banned in the early 1950s, a decision that did not dissuade its participants, even though some were arrested. The people protested and the festival was authorized again, adding more participants every year and becoming more and more frantic. Finally, the Tomatina was authorized and institutionalized as a local festival. Over the years this celebration began to become popular in the rest of Spain. Since then, year after year the excitement for it and the number of participants has grown. The overwhelming success led to La Tomatina of Buñol being declared a Festival of Interest to International Tourists by the General Secretariat of Tourism in 2002.

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