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Iglesia San Juan Bautista(Bugarra)

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The tower is located on one side of the main facade of the parish church. It has a square floor plan and two bodies.

The first of them is visible on two of the sides, while the remaining ones are hidden by several buildings and the church itself. On one side there is a sundial and on the other a sphere or sample of the clock. A small cornice separates this body from the second one or of the bells. This one has four openings with semicircular arches and exposed brick and several brick moldings with an upper cornice. The terrace is delimited by a small wall with cornice. The tower has an interior stairway that allows access to the bell room, a covered space with a flat roof. In it there are some steps that facilitate the access to the bells.

The temple has the status of Asset of Local Relevance according to the Fifth Additional Provision of Law 5/2007, of 9 February, of the Generalitat, amending Law 4/1998, of 11 June, on Valencian Cultural Heritage (DOCV No. 5.449 / 13.02.2007). Consequently, the interventions on the bells must be communicated to the General Direction of the Valencian Cultural Heritage, attaching the project prior to the beginning of the works.

Current condition The state of conservation of the tower is good and most of the wall is plastered. The brick is visible in some moldings and the frame of the bell openings. These are located in the second body with iron yokes from the Manclús foundry. All of them are mechanized with a continuous turning motor and electro-machines.

It has a set of four bells. Three of them are from the Manclús foundry (Ángeles, Elpidia-Pilar and Mª Luisa Aurelia) and from 1987. The middle one, called Josefina, is older. The shape of the incision is probably later than its casting. The distribution of cords and the profile of the bell is quite characteristic of the Roses Brothers from Silla, to whom the bell could be attributed. The cross is also documented on some bells from their workshops. The inscription must have been added in 1987.

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