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Iglesia Parroquial de San Juan Evangelista de Bicorp(Bicorp)

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The medieval Bicorp had a mosque that was blessed in 1525, when Muslims were forced to behave as new Christians or Moors. It depended on the parish of Navarrés until 1535, when it became a Moorish rectory, with the villages of Benedriz and Quesa as annexes. Unlike the current dedication to the Evangelist, by 1574 the dedication of the temple to St. John the Baptist (the same Yanna who gave his name to Anna) is documented, a saint and a feast celebrated on June 24, both by the old Christians and the Moors of the Canal.

This mosque was in a different location from the church; probably in the street of San Roque, in front of the mouth of the Calle Larga, isolated from the adjoining houses. The mosque survived as a half-ruined lot in 1695, when it was sold to a neighbor for construction. The Moorish oratory had been replaced, starting in 1579, by a new church that occupied the site of the present one and was inherited by the settlers of the seventeenth century. By 1700 they outgrew it and in 1734 began to build a baroque church that, damaged by the earthquake of Montesa in 1748, was not completed until the 1790s. However, the rains of 1818 knocked down a large part of the vault, so a second reconstruction had to be undertaken, completed in 1833. It had to be partially rebuilt in the years 1960-1961, because the vault had collapsed.

The current result is a hall nave with seven side chapels between the buttresses, which house nine neo-baroque altars and post-war images, replacing those destroyed in 1936: the umpteenth catastrophe. The facade of the building is the product of modern renovation and has no elements of artistic interest. It has a linteled door, with a niche of the saint and oculus. At the foot of the church, facing the façade on the left hand side, there is a square bell tower with three sections separated by moldings, with a terrace and pyramids of recent construction.

Despite the changes, the doors of 1828 are preserved and the bell tower houses two bells made in 1829 by Vicente and José Rosas, from Chella, which were baptized, respectively, as San Juan Evangelista and San José - Ave María. The current owner of the church, as has been noted is San Juan Evangelista, although the canonical patronage of Bicorp is held by the Holy Cross of the Lord, thanks to the relic of the True Cross of Christ that is preserved and venerated in the same parish.

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