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Poblado Ibérico del Tos Pelat(Bétera)

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The walled Iberian settlement of Tos Pelat is an asset of cultural interest located in the municipalities of Bétera and Moncada. This area was inhabited by the first settlers of Bétera (as far as is known) between the mid 6th century BC and the 3rd century BC, when it was abandoned. The archaeological excavations carried out to date have brought to light abundant, very well preserved architectural remains, including the powerful wall that surrounded it. Wall paintings in blue, white and red have been found.
Among the finds in this settlement is one of the few known Iberian signets: the Tos Pelat signet, which is actually a set of fragments of dual north-eastern Iberian signets distributed on two lead sheets of a characteristic shape that appeared rolled one inside the other in 2003 in a domestic context from the last phase of the settlement.

The archaeological site covers an area of two hectares, although some experts maintain that its original extension may have been larger.

Image of Poblado Ibérico del Tos Pelat