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El Castillo de Bétera(Bétera)

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The Castle of Bétera, also known as the Boíl Palace Castle, is located in the centre of the town itself. It is a defensive castle of Arab origin whose function was to protect the Muslim farmhouses that populated the surrounding area. It is in an acceptable state of conservation, although it was the result of a controversial restoration both internally and externally in the eighties of the 20th century. It is owned by the Bétera Town Hall, and it houses the Courts, part of the municipal library, the plenary hall, an assembly hall and other rooms.

There are no remains of the old construction, as in 1364 King Peter II "the Ceremonious" ordered the demolition of the castle and its walls, and it was rebuilt years later. In the vicinity of the town, bloody and harsh military confrontations took place, such as the attack of the Count of Las Torres in the War of Succession or the passages of the War of Independence, as well as the clashes between the forces of Marshal Suchet and the troops of O'Donnell in 1811 or the incursions suffered in the town during the Carlist wars. Nowadays, the castle of Bétera has been completely refurbished, consisting of four crenellated towers and other attached buildings.

Image of El Castillo de Bétera