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El Porrat(Benirredrá)

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The Prat is a fair, a small market of dried fruits and cakes, towers, sweets and all kinds of menus and desserts, held in many Valencian villages at the expense of a church or shrine at its festive time. Its origin lies in the festive phenomenology of some passes, when the porrats allow to suffer, totally or partially, the expense of the festive day in honor of the saint.

Currently, the celebration is moving away from the strict religious and becomes a meeting point for people, in a cultural and recreational event that allows our neighbors and visitors to enjoy exhibitions, music, dances, excursions, gastronomy, popular games like the smallest, craft workshops ... The Porrat has become an element of recovery of the cultural heritage of each village, as well as a great tourist attraction for the town.

In Benirredrà, the porrat is celebrated in honor of Sant Antoni, the second week of January. The story goes that the saint cured a little pig that had been born blind and without feet. From that moment on he is considered the protector of animals. Our elders celebrate the feast with a bonfire, singing, dancing and preparing sausages and bait in the breezes. During the slaughter, the working and companion animals benefit, as well as the carob trees, straw and corn that will serve as food. At a time when bread was a scarce and essential commodity, the act of sharing bread with curative owners becomes a fundamental part of the festive ritual.

The Porrat de Benirredrà has its origin in the fair that was installed around the hermitage of Sant Antoni. The people, after going up to the hermitage in pilgrimage, stayed with the traditional cassola of arròs al forn in the mountain. Another tradition was to make the mocadorà, which consists of men filling handkerchiefs with all kinds of dried fruits to give to lovers.

In addition, the festival is a recreational event, recovering the festivities, street theater, band concerts, craft market and commercial premises. Also, as working animals have almost disappeared, it is mainly pets that receive the blessing.

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