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Iglesia parroquial de San Juan Evangelista(Benifairó de la Valldigna)

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Parish church of the late eighteenth century or early nineteenth century. Popular Baroque style, made of masonry and ceramic bricks, with 18 meters high. The bell tower is integrated into one end of the facade (the Gospel). The first body is, therefore, part of the facade and nothing indicates the prismatic reed on which rests the second body, the bells, which appears superimposed on the cornice of the facade. The usual arches that house the bells are trimmed on the white walls of each of the faces, which are delimited at the corners by pilasters feigned by a line of paint. A frieze of ceramic tiles and a light and simple cornice close the body of the bells. Finally, two diagonally crossed arches form the buttresses in the center of which the bell is installed. Above these arches are smaller ones, crowned by ornamental vases. This final arrangement has no other purpose than a desire to elevate, to make the tower more slender and, thus, to make its presence and its function as a bell tower more noticeable.

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