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L´Hort de Colón(Benidorm)

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This building dates back to the last decade of the 19th century and was built as an agricultural dwelling by the merchant navy captain Vicente Zaragoza Ortuño. This house is known as l'hort de Colón and belonged to the Zaragoza Ortuño family and more recently to the Llorca Zaragoza brothers, who donated it to Benidorm Town Hall in 1988 in exchange for being able to build on the rest of the orchard.

The sign that still remains on the main door, "Colón", belongs to the ship Colón, captained by Vicente Zaragoza y Ortuño (Benidorm, 1838-1899). Captain and owner of sailing ships. In his youth, he sailed on several brigantine-schooners and on two frigates, the "Primera de Alicante" and the "Barcelona".

He contributed to the organisation of the well-known Trasatlánticos E. Pi y Compañía steamship line, better known as Naviera Gallart. He was in charge of the construction of several steamers in English shipyards, being the first Captain-Inspector of the Company.

Among the ships he commissioned in 1880 was the largest tonnage ship in the Spanish merchant navy at that time, called the "Rossmore", which was given the name "Colón". This purchase was carried out in Liverpool, when Tomás Ortuño, first cousin of Captain Zaragoza, was consul general in that city.

The house, a two-storey dwelling, was built by Vicente Zaragoza Ortuño in the orchard behind the family's main house on what is now Paseo de la Carretera, which he had bought in 1885.

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