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Islote de Benidorm(Benidorm)

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The island of Benidorm, or "l'Illa" as it is traditionally known in the city, has a unique charm that attracts the eyes and visits of locals and strangers, i.e. residents and tourists, becoming an icon of the city.Seen from the ground the silhouette of almost perfect triangle of the island is cut on a sky almost always blue. Seen from the air it no longer has that perfect geometry since one of its ends, the eastern one, is rounded. Its maximum length is 350 meters and its maximum width is 260 meters, where the legends of the past and the present come together in harmony, without discordance. It is also a paradise for divers and fishermen and an observatory of underwater flora and fauna for hundreds of visitors. For their part, ecology lovers value its character as an excellent refuge for marine birds and the splendid biodiversity of its seabed. There are several legends that explain the appearance of this island. They all have one thing in common: it is a piece of Puig Campana thrown into the sea by a huge blow that left its peculiar indentation on the mountain.

Image of Islote de Benidorm