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Molino Arrocero de la Estación(Benetússer)

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The Rice Mill, located in the town of Benetúser, Valencia, was built in 1921. It is considered a civil construction with a monumental body formed by a three-storey mill "to which two bodies of symmetrical and equal façades are attached, forming a courtyard with a wall and iron gate between brick pillars. These symmetrical façades have three openings with lintelled and moulded openings, a central balcony (possibly added in the latest restoration) and crowned by parapets in the form of friezes with Neo-Greek details (palmettes, ovals)'. In other words, the mill has a gabled roof. The use of this building is noteworthy, i.e. it was built of brick and wooden beams. That is, apart from the main building, the industrial complex includes other storage buildings and a chimney with a hexagonal base. Finally, we know that at the end of the 20th century, this mill was used as a food factory (nougat and pastries) but, as of 2007, the Town Hall ceased to use the space.

Image of Molino Arrocero de la Estación